TEMPLO: Motion Analysis

CONTEMPLAS offers with their TEMPLO software a video analysis system for the fields of medicine, sports, sciences, industry and veterinary practice which catches up on the latest state of video and image processing technology.

The software can be used for gait analysis, running analysis, treadmill analysis as well as for all motion analyses of human, animal or industrial movement.

The video system is a cost-saving possibility to structure the routine work flow in daily work and to work more effectively with your patients, customers or athletes.
Conteplas Templo

TEMPLO motion analysis software covers the following basic functions:

  • Management of all persons, videos and analyses in a database
  • Video capture with Intelligent Video Management
  • Analysis of the captured videos
  • Creation of reports for your customers


  • Management of all persons and analyses
  • Sorting and filtering of customer data
  • Searching for analysis criteria
  • Data import and –export
  • Video capture

  • Support of 1 DV/HDV-camera (add modules for up to 6 cameras)
  • Intelligent camera setups
  • Auto-synchronisation
  • Triggered videos
  • Adjustable camera rotation
  • Customised analysis schemes
  • Capture without file name: the videos are automatically assigned to database entry
  • Analysis

  • Structured analyses
  • Definition of analysis schemes
  • Various marking and measuring tools
  • Multiscreen (up to 6)
  • Video-overlay
  • Automatic tracking of points and angles
  • Stroboscope
  • Before-after-analyses
  • Report

  • Instant report
  • Customised report pages
  • Automatic calculation of analysis-specific values (e.g. gait parameters)
  • Client-CD (free mini-programme to hand out to your customer/patient)
  • Mailing or printing of PDF-files
  • HTML report
  • e-mailing of videos

TEMPLO can be upgraded by various motion analysis and hardware modules and is also available as an OEM-version. You get the requirements for high-speed systems upon request.

Visit CONTEMPLAS motion analysis software at www.contemplas.com


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HDV, GigE and USB-3 cameras
CONTEMPLAS TEMPLO, the new video capture engine, provides the most flexible capture solutions worldwide

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