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FAQ: Cameras
Can TEMPLO record video clips using the DV camcorders (JVC, Sony, Panasonic, Canon etc.) I bought several years ago?
Yes. DV camcorders are not sold anymore but you can still connect your existing equipment (PAL and NTSC).
Motion capture hardware: DV camcorders
Can TEMPLO record video clips using the IEEE-1394 (FireWire) cameras Basler A-602f?
Does TEMPLO/Motus support optical (infrared) cameras?
No. The capture process is not part of Motus anymore and TEMPLO does not have real-time capture features.
How does TEMPLO synchronize cameras?
Machine vision cameras (FireWire, GigE, USB) usually have a trigger input line. This allows perfect synchronization of all connected cameras by using an additional cable.
Software-based synchronization (no additional cable) is also possible, but results in small sync errors of 1-3 ms between cameras.
Legacy DV and new HDV cameras cannot be synchronized as these are consumer cameras. TEMPLO automatically picks the corresponding frame from each camera, but this is not a perfect synchronization.
What camera types are recommended?
Currently Gigabit-Ethernet (GigE) cameras work best for motion analysis. They are available as high-resolution cameras (e.g. 2048x1024) as well as high-speed cameras (e.g. 200 fps). Cable length is almost unlimited (100 m).
Motion capture hardware: GigE
Is there a camera with high resolution that can be set to high-speed mode?
Yes, there are cameras on the market with 2048x1024@50 fps, which can do 960x480@120 fps, too. Other models can be used with 640x480@200 fps and with 400x200@400 fps.
Is TEMPLO a mobile system?
Yes, you can typically record 2-3 cameras with a notebook computer, for lower resolutions/frame rates even more (e.g. 6 cameras with 640x480@100 fps). Some systems can be operated with batteries only, but most systems will need a power source at least for the notebook computer.

FAQ: Force platforms
Can TEMPLO handle more than one platform?
Does TEMPLO display a 3D force vector?
Yes, you can overlay the live stream from any two of your cameras with the live force vector. In addition, you can display the force vector during the playback of AVI files.

FAQ: Miscellaneous
How long must I wait after the recording before I can check my recorded video footage?
TEMPLO displays the video clips right after the recording process. This is typically 1-3 seconds after you stop the recording. If you have high data rates (many cameras, high-resolution, high-speed) some portions of the video may still be in memory. Writing to the disk could take up to 10 seconds.
Does TEMPLO provide some video analysis features?
Yes, you can display the recorded video footage together with forces, EMG or other analog data. You may playback in slow-motion, zoom-in and draw on the video images. You can also create reports (PDF, printer) that include images and some additional text input with just a few mouse clicks.
Get more information on TEMPLO as an video analysis system.
How long does it take to transfer the video files to Motus?
If you have already prepared a Motus “template” it will take just a few mouse clicks and less than 30 seconds to transfer all video clips in one step into Motus. No need to handle file and directory names.
Can I record many movements and transfer the files to Motus later?
Yes, you can record all day and transfer the files to Motus when you return to your office.
Can I combine TEMPLO with more than one Motus license?
Yes, this is a typical application. You can use one computer (maybe mobile) for video and data acquisition and several Motus computers to analyze the footage. TEMPLO and Motus can be installed on the same computer but you can also split them.


How is camera sync done?
Can I use my old Motus cameras?

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