Vicon Motus 10 modules

Besides CONTEMPLAS' TEMPLO motion analysis software, which supports the capture of videos with the latest camera technologies, there are 3 modules available for Vicon Motus 10:

Vicon Motus 2D

The Vicon Motus® 2D Coordinate Calculation Module and 2D Kinematic Parameter Calculation Module consist of menu-driven software for coordinate scaling, interpolation, kinematic parameter calculations, filtering, and multi-trial averaging.

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Vicon Motus 3D

The Vicon Motus® 3D Coordinate Calculation Module and 3D Kinematic Parameter Calculations Module consist of menu-driven software for 3D coordinate scaling, kinematic parameter calculations, filtering, interpolation, multi –trial averaging, and temporal expansion..

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Vicon Motus module: KineCalc

Advanced research demands cutting edge computational power. The Vicon Motus® KineCalc® Module gives you the flexibility to perform complex calculations using your own algorithms.

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Vicon Motus motion measurement system is easy to learn, use, and teach.
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New TEMPLO v2018 available
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Vicon Motus 10.0.1 available
A new version has been released and is available for download

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