Vicon Motus 10 benefits

After capturing data with the latest hardware technologies in CONTEMPLAS TEMPLO the familiar Windows operating environment and intuitive tab-card layout make the Vicon Motus motion measurement system easy to learn, use, and teach.

Robust setup procedures

Vicon Motus is built around a design core that enables you to easily set up both simple and complex studies. You have control over the number of points you can track, how angles and centers of mass are computed, and you can even specify how virtual points are computed from tracked points using unit vectors and algebraic formulas.

Windows standard user interface

Vicon Motus is designed to be compliant with Microsoft® interface guidelines. Users familiar with Word®, PowerPoint®, and Excel® can quickly learn and construct the workflow using tab-cards, tool bars, and hotkeys. In addition, the interface is the same no matter whether the system is used for 2D video tracking of a single point or 3D capture tracking of a complex full-body action. The common interface allows the user's knowledge to grow along with the capabilities of the system.

Research level calculations

Not only must your data be accurately collected, but also the final data you compute must pass the scrutiny of review. Vicon Motus software comes fully loaded with computations that are standard and trusted in the biomechanics community: digital filters such as Butterworth, FFT and Quintic Spline, central difference velocity algorithms, dataset averaging, and reference frame translation and rotation.


Vicon Motus software can store pertinent information relative to your study in easily retrievable templates. Camera, calibration, data acquisition, and computational information specific to each study can be filed and reused as needed.

Protocols and wizards

Create step-by-step procedures to guide users through specific portions or all of the trial process. With protocols, students and technicians can use the Vicon Motus tools with minimal training.

Custom reports

Vicon Motus Report generation tool works from blank pages, similar to PowerPoint slides. Create impactful presentations using: solid models, stacked line graphs, insertable images, and horizontal and vertical components of custom vectors. These reports can be played frame-by-frame or stored as AVI files. Expand access to your presentations by loading them on a laptop, website, flash drive, or e-mail.

Motus is a modular system for 2D and 3D analysis.
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